Applying to rent takes some work. We’ve organized applications into the following 4 steps to make the process as simple as possible.

Step 1

Download and complete a Lease Application (complete one for each applicant):

Click Here to Download the Lease Application

You can type directly into the form on your computer, remember to save your work frequently. When you’ve completed the application, print and sign it in on page 2, item 8. (You can also print and complete the form manually).

Step 2

Gather supporting documentation, a list of requirements is included on page 3 of the lease application above.

Step 3

Provide Credit Reports for all Applicants over 18. For help in obtaining your credit report simply send an email to with the address of the property you are applying to and the full name and email address of each applicant over 18 years of age. We will send you each a link to order your credit report.

Step 4

Send your application(s), supporting documents, and credit reports to us: Fax: (866) 203-9445 Email: